Well folks, ‘This Writer’s Life’ turns one year old this week — 72 posts, 8000+ visitors, nearly three hundred comments. When I was toying with entering this world of posts (can you tell I’m avoiding the ‘b’ word) I wondered what would be the point of it. Could I keep it up with any sort of regularity? What would I write about? Would it be the e-quivalent to the one-hand clapping koan — What kind of sound does an unread web-log make?

Industry wags say “Do you have a blog?” is one of the first questions book editors ask, using that ‘b’ word I have never grown to love, or even like. Alas, I wish I could testify to that one but I cannot. We’re still working on the agent angle that precedes the editor angle. But this space did bring me to the attention of the wonderful people at Good Housekeeping. That right there has brought a huge professional leap. Thank you K.K. Schmier and the terrific staff there at GH.

I surprised myself by enjoying what has shaken out to be a weekly endeavor. You all have turned it from one-hand clapping emptiness into a two-handed partnership. We are all busy, pulled by various media competing for our eyeball time — newspapers (remember them?), books, magazines, the internet. And so I am deeply grateful to each and every one of your for visiting my virtual word room, for leaving wise comments and praiseful emails. Thank you.

Have decided to celebrate this one year anniversary with a look back. Listed below are links to seven favorites. If you’re new to This Writer’s Life you can catch up. If you’re a longtime reader, revisit some you might have missed. No pressure, just pleasure — which is what this new writing experience has turned out to be. Thank you for making it so.


ps I think I’ve just might have coined an alternative to the detested ‘blog’ word. Up there in paragraph three I referred to this space as a ‘word room.’ What about ‘droom?’ Kind of has a Stranger in a Strange Land feel to it. Rhymes with ‘vroom.’ ‘Droom’ might even be ‘dream’s’ ramped-up cousin. As a noun — I wrote a droom. OR– I read a great post on someone’s droom. As a verb — I droomed on the state of the world today. I’ve been drooming for a year. What do you think? And wouldn’t it be a hoot and a half if it sticks???? Droom on!

The Super Seven:
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