I don’t know if lassoing an agent is any easier these days but the resources afforded by the internet sure are helpful. Whatever your stage in the writing game, the sites below provide useful information, interesting discussions and good leads. Ponies, ponies everywhere. (If that reference leaves you scratching your forelock, read last week’s — 5.20.08 — post.)

agentquery.com has a solid search engine that lets you tailor your parameters according to subject matter, which agents accept email or snail mail (and if they are accepting queries in the first place.) The good folks at this site have just initiated a social networking forum as well.

www.absolutewrite.com is a great place to go once you’ve targeted a few agents to query. The site’s water cooler page gives the lowdown on other writers’ experience with a particular agent.

AAR’s site (Association of Author’s Representatives) is a bit clunky looking but the material presented is pure gold.

Alas Miss Snark is no longer posting. Overwhelmed and time-drained by her own success, Miss Snark, whose avatar is a very stern looking Bichon Frisee (nothing like my beloved McKenzie), exited the blogosphere some time ago. However past posts remain as useful and barky snarky snappy as ever.

And now for some agents who hide not ‘neath fur nor feathers.
BookEnds Literary Agency
Nelson Literary Agency
Nathan Bransford

Now scoot! Go do some writing and then, and only then, check out these blogs.