Ramping up for the High Holidays I do not know how many posts I will be able to manage in the next few weeks. There is all that cooking to do, not to mention the harder work of soul searching. So if you look to the right you will see a new addition to this site — “Sermons” and then eight titles beneath it.

Took me a few hours to figure out the tech side of it (and a lot of help from the great folks at wordpress.com) but I did it — a compendium of sermons I have given over the past eight years.
(Don’t forget to read the link titled “Sermons” first. You’ll get a fuller explication.) Most of these talks were for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur; some were not but they’re good food for thought just the same.

It’s a lot of reading; these were ten minute sermons after all. Peruse them as you wish. Or print them out (if that’s possible) and take with you to synagogue to read when the going gets slow.

I will return soon with book reviews, news of the children’s book, and whatever else will cross my consciousness in the coming weeks. Until then, I wish you all happy reading, meaningful fasting, and all the sweetness of apples and honey.