PHOTO for Debra Darvick's first His Lens My Pen with textThis week I’m introducing a new feature. I’ve long wanted to collaborate with my husband in a creative endeavor, and since he’s the one with the camera and I’m the one with the pen as it were, His Lens/My Pen seems to be the natural intersection. It’s a thrill to be able to see the world as Martin does, to catch glimpses that I would miss but for him. I was somewhere else on the boardwalk when he snapped the photo above and I’m grateful he captured the moment for me to enjoy afterward.

The idea of almost-missed glimpses works both ways, mind you. Since there’s a foot in height difference between us, Martin sees vistas that completely escape my notice. Likewise, I notice things in the course of our hikes that would pass him by if I didn’t point them out—an unusual pattern of sunlight on a scattering of leaves, ground-hugging colorful bugs and lizards, dew gleaming in tiny flower-petal saucers.  In those moments there’s a sweet knowing that what I’ve pointed out will be portrayed in a way I didn’t see, thus becoming new all over again.

Now to the pen part of this collaboration:

I look at Martin’s photos and want to draw from them deeper meaning, to create and share something greater by melding our two halves of self-expression.  And so, this His Lens/My Pen venture: I’ve set for myself the challenge of writing a meditation or observation inspired by some of my favorite images of his. It is my way of praising his unique vision, my way of saying, “I love you and love seeing the world through your eyes.”


Enjoy this image in a larger format by clicking anywhere on the photo. You’ll even see the sea gull’s eyes!


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