bamboo sunlight

This is the fourth in a monthly series of a new feature called His Lens/My Pen, a collaboration with my husband. He’s the one with the camera; I’m the one with the pen as it were. Ergo His Lens/My Pen.

Last month’s image was a slight deviation from the norm, in that it was my pen and lens. But now we’re back on theme with this photograph of a stand of bamboo we came across in California. Something about how Martin caught the sunlight catches my breath every time I see this shot. I hope your breath catches, too.  When has light broken through the darkness for you? If you missed the first two in the His Lens/My Pen series, click through for some gulls in Santa Monica and for a duck swimming in a shimmering pond

Have a friend or loved one who needs a bit of light breaking through a personal darkness? Send them a note of encouragement. The image Within a Bamboo Forest is available as a greeting card at my Etsy shop — TheInfinitePeacock. Come check it out.

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