96Tree or ReflectionI was in Vanderbilt, Michigan a couple of weeks ago at a yoga retreat, walking along the lake when I snapped this photo.  OK, as followers of this site know, the His Lens/My Pen endeavor is a creative collaboration between my photographer husband (the lens) and your truly as the pen. This is the third image in the series, and our teaming up is the fulfillment of a long-held dream.

But I was solo that weekend, and the shot was just waiting to be captured. He was with me in spirit when clicked the little button on my iPhone screen. Amazing technology. And yes, the lake was that mirror smooth, reflecting the shoreline in perfect symmetry. Only when I slipped my camera back into my pocket did I see that turned vertically the shoreline became a tree trunk and the reflections became a forest. Tilt your head 90 degrees and you’ll see the magic of the shot.

In case you missed them, His Lens/My Pen #1 featured a beach scene of gulls; His Lens/My Pen #2 was a duck swimming in a Monet-like lake. Fourth in the series is still on the drawing board. Look for it the last Monday in November. IN the coming year, we look forward to offering themas greeting and post cards.  But for now, please enjoy this magical image, use it to focus on in mediation and/or just marvel at this magical optical illusion, courtesy of Mother Nature.

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Are you or a friend or loved one not seeing eye-to-eye? Keeping this photograph within sight might help you both recognize one another’s truths.  The image A Perspective on Truth, and others images in the HisLens/MyPen series are now available as 5×7 greeting cards in my new Etsy Shop — TheInfinitePeacock. Come and browse!