Darvick-His-Lens-My-Pen-9-watermarkedAs you know from the third image in the His Lens/My Pen–A Perspective on Truth–I sometimes rotate images to find a deeper insight. When I saw Martin’s shot of this egret chillin’ on the beach in Santa Monica, I thought things might get interesting if I turned the image upside down.

How often do we feel like that bird, all razzed and frazzed on the outside, reaching out everywhere for a way to calm down. Next time it happens, summon up this ol’ bird on the beach and dive beneath the surface. But don’t hold your breath.

Breathe! Stillness awaits.

If the spirit moves you, please share this month’s His Lens/My Pen with friends and loved ones. And if you’re so moved, jot me a note about how you access your inner stillness. We can all learn from each other.