000155Breaking into my weekly post to give you all a heads up about a way cool media event. Chefs, brothers, sons of my friends Lynne and Marc, and all around good guys Eli and Max Sussman will be on the TODAY SHOW this Friday, April 17 cooking away with Hoda Kotb. Or possibly Al Roker?

As you read in a past post, Max and Eli have written a fabulous cookbook called Freshman in the Kitchen. And thanks to the wonders and connections of our way cool aunt and sister Helene, 505036918_fk3cd-sshow here on the left with her way cool niece Emma, Max and Eli got the Today Show gig.

So tune in. Or Set your TIVO. Check your local listings for broadcast time. In the Detroit Metro area it runs at 2pm. Watch it and then run out and buy a copy for all those clueless cooks you know who are about to graduate from college or high school. Or click the link above and order it directly.

These two are great, their cookbook is wonderful
and what a thrill to see “our boys” make it national. Way to go Max and Eli!

Now back to our regularly scheduled post, What’s a Word’s Worth? that has been burning up the wires all across the nation.