tea-cups-debra-darvickI feel like I’m in one of those tea cup rides at the amusement park. Time is the teacup and some unhand hand keeps turning the steering wheel ever faster and faster. Can the end of 2013 really be a fortnight away? Is it really going to be 2014? I have my 2014 calendar. The little countdown thingy on my son and his fiancee’s wedding page tells me there are 96 days to go. It’s time to start reading the book for January’s book club meeting. Are you like me in wondering where the heck did this year go?

Well, I know it went somewhere and I have the columns to prove it. Thought that this week I’d share a few of my favorites from 2013.

Dust Pan Memories—a dust pan cobbled together out of a broomstick and an old oil can holds more than you think it might

Retelling the Passover Story—celebrating the Exodus in Sedona’s red rock country

Cellular Memory—who knew the memories that could be unlocked in a yoga pose?

Nuit Blanche—inspired by a sleepless night

Heart to Heart to Heart—one of my favorites all year

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother—a happy birthday toast to my brother Daniel

One Walk; Two Insights—that pretty much tells it like it is