Well, I’m about to enter the 21st century blogworld. Right…now…

…my son, who has been so kind in helping me develop this amazing site, just informed me that I have entered not the blogworld but the blogosphere. OK. Am I in??

I’ve been a mother now for nearly 24 years. An even two dozen. They’ve been everything a mother could hope and not hope for — exciting, breathtaking, devastating, humbling, exhilarating, challenging. I have met my best and worst self and then my best self again.

This post will be short because the abovementioned beloved son and I are now leaving the blogosphere (what a quick study am I) for Balboa Island.

What you can expect from this site: I want it to be fun for us both; not demanding anything from either of us but to learn, share and enjoy. I will write about the writing life, the ups, the downs, the frustrations and successes. I’ll share with you how I got here and where I hope to go. I’ll share the books I’m reading and love and the books I’ve read and loved. Over the months I’ll also post essays that I’ve written from the heart of my parenting years and some that haven’t been published and should have been. After that, we’ll see. This blog will evolve as will I. As will you.