Happy Mother’s Day to you all, whether mom or devoted woman who has taken kids under your wing and loved them as a mother would.

Today marks the third anniversary of the launching of this blog.  I was visiting my son in California over Mother’s Day weekend 2008; we got down to business (well he did, being the resident web designer genius). It was a sweet morning as we reversed roles: Elliot offering his expertise, gently ushering me into this wild world web, strategizing with me how best to use this space.

Since then, I have written 135 posts, received close to 25,000 visitors. Loyal readers have shared almost 700 comments. The one-day traffic apex so far  — 175 readers who visited in the wake of an essay about dogwoods  published in Good Housekeeping magazine. The blog has deepened existing friendships and brought new ones into flower from as far away as Louisiana and California. I don’t know if I have a favorite post, but a few cherished ones come to mind: ruminations on empty nests, the death of our dog,the joy a houseful of boys can bring.

The blog has expanded my career – many thanks again to Good Housekeeping — and constantly challenges me to keep my writing fresh.  Earlier this year I took the first steps to fulfilling a long-held dream and let my husband’s wonderful photography inspire me to write. Check out his lens/my pen when you can.

Today also marks my 26th Mother’s Day. There are no stats, no words, no blog posts that could ever capture what it means to be Elliot’s and Emma’s mom. The nest may be empty, but my heart? Never. Kiddos, thanks for being you, for loving me as much as you do, and for making every day, Mother’s Day. All my love, Your blogger mom


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