Two children, two coasts and thanks to the miracle of Skype, one Hanukkah menorah lighting. Back when the kids still had more baby teeth than quarters, I never imagined how fast the time would come when they would not only be lighting their own menorahs but doing so in their own apartments.

Hanukkah is not a Jewish Christmas. It doesn’t have the religious import nor does it exert Christmas’ home-for-the- holidays pull. Rosh Hashana, yes. Passover, you bet. Hanukkah? Not a break-the-bank priority. Still, what holiday isn’t enriched by being together?

Enter the 21st century’s latest miracle. Elliot Skyped us in but hit roadblocks bringing Emma into the electronic fold. Not one to be bested by glitches, he commandeered his roommate’s computer, and Skyped her in that way. We sat before our respective screens (were they magic shields holding the distance at bay?) as Elliot, three hours behind us, lit the first candle.

Almost 2200 years after the Maccabees’ miraculous triumph over the Greco-Syrian empire, the Darvicks triumphed over the 3000 miles separating them, sang blessings together and acknowledged miracles both bygone and by gosh!

Before you go I just have to give a huge Hanukkah shout out to my brother and sister-in-law, owners of Sweet Tammy’s and makers of the best cookies from here to eternity. I don’t know if there’s still time to place Hanukkah orders, so order some for Christmas. Or try the macaroons and oatmeal cookies. Kosher and dairy-free Sweet Tammy’s offerings would have brought even old Antiochus to his knees.