Last post this week. I end where our New York trek began. Thanks for coming along with me. I hope you have enjoyed the ride.

She is known as “my friend Sally.” Not just “Sally.” Emma has teased me about this over the years. Maybe because we lived in different states and because she was out of sight (yet never out of heart), I wanted to make sure everyone knew without a doubt how important she was to me.

My friend Sally is one of four girls, and over the years I have had the gift of being the fifth sister whenever we all landed in the same locale. They are a tight bunch, extremely bright, talented, funny, all variations on themes of homemaking, adventure, joy in intellectual pursuit.  They have shared recipes, their thoughts on genius, coping with life and more.

On our last visit together, Sally shared with me her sister Nancy’s  most recent artwork. Alas, Nancy is the one I know the least. She lives out in Colorado and our paths have crossed infrequently.  Nancy’s the sister in whom the art theme runs the strongest.  Brush by brush, canvas by canvas, her skill and sensibilities have grown. She did what all savvy 21st century artists do and created a lovely website. Spend a few minutes enjoying her gallery. But hands off the painting of the racing horses.  I get the white ones! Are you part of a sisters act? Share your story.

Sally is on the far right.