Turning back the clock that one hour never ceases to thrill me. When else does it feel like we can cheat time? And although a recent article in the Wall Street Journal says DST has outlived its usefulness, turning the big hand back one number is a small but welcome compensation for the coming season of dark. It was delicious to take an early morning walk today and watch the sun shimmering on the few trees still holding on to their leaves. It won’t be long ’til winter snatches even this sweet span of light when I awaken.

But there is an upside to living in this close to the border of Central Time. The days start lengthening sooner here in southeast Michigan than they do in, say, Manhattan where day can end somewhere around 4:49 pm. In this corner of Michigan, despite the winters with their fifty-twelve shades of grey, and the cold, and the snow that appears overnight demanding to be moved before I can leave for the day, the winter solstice is only seven weeks away, a mere forty-nine days. Lengthening days are already just one calendar page away.

At first the additional moment or two extra of daylight is negligible. But soon, like droplets of water wearing away at stone, the ¬†light will begin to wear down the night. My spirit will begin to rise as the sun sets later and later each day. Even if it’s cold, and it will be, even if it’s grey and snowy, which it will be, that extra slice of light is a bridge I can cross knowing spring will be waiting at the other side.