Duck Destiny watermarkedDuring a rare break in the frigid Coldzilla winter this year, Martin and I walked to nearby Quarton Lake. We watched as one brave duck left his compatriots huddling on a shelf of ice and dove into the freezing water. Until he shared the photo with me, I’d forgotten that my husband had captured the moment.

“See what you might come up with for this one,” Martin said. I loved the image. It was so rich with possibilities, what with the ducks embodying all sorts of metaphorical human reactions to taking the plunge in life.

We’ve all been each of these ducks, haven’t we? Who of us hasn’t turned away, or watched from the sidelines of the dance floor, aching for the gumption to ditch our self-consciousness and rock out to the beat? Hopefully, more than hugging the shore or tucking head into wing, we have also headed out for adventure, paddling uncertainly perhaps yet gaining buoyancy and direction as we go forth. Whether it’s moving to a new city, leaving the comfort of a steady job to pursue a dream, embarking solo on vacation or speaking truths everyone else wants kept below the surface, there is always one brave duck who dives in first, hopefully inspiring others.  I no longer remember if or how many followed Mr. Mallard above but surely some did.

Is there a special duckling in your life who needs a bit of encouragement before taking the plunge?  Or a graduate who is ready to take flight? Head on over to my Etsy shop where this card and others are waiting for you. Or buck up your entire circle of friends in one fell swoop!  Send them a link to this column or post it on FB.

What’s going to be your take-the-plunge-moment this week? Dive in and share the time you held back. What did you learn? How did you use the lesson to modify your life?