images-1In the Darvick family red noses have nothing to do with reindeer and sleighs. Nor allergies. Nope, in our family, red noses are emotion’s barometer. Hallmark commercials, talking on the phone, saying good bye. And hello. We get teary eyed and red nosed at the drop of a hankie. One of us even teared up and got red nosed at the end of Legally Blonde.

So when Emma told me I HAD to see the new Pixar movie, UP, and said that it would make my nose red, that I would adore it, that it was beautiful and did she mention that it would make my nose red, I figured I was in for something sweet and poignant.

Sweet and poignant don’t even begin to describe this wonderful film. UP is the story of pursuing dreams long deferred. It’s a story of love lost, adventure found, and a story of broken and mended hearts. It’s funny; it’s beyond creative; there is a scene in it that rivals Bambi losing his mother. The Pixar guys must have had a blast and a half coming up with the sight gags and witty dialog. And if you, like me, ever dreamed of being Pascal (of The Red Balloon), your heart will race with eye-popping delight and a splash of envy.

You don’t need to know anything more than that. Go. Right now. And even if you’re not from the Red Noses, bring a hankie just in case.