bowlful of karma

I had this blog post all planned out. I was going to tell you about the children’s book I read recently about bullying. In it was a line about how what we do and say ripples out into the world. I planned on sharing with you an idea I had for a new ritual inspired by that line in the book. I was going to write about this new ritual and how it would remind me to take care what I set to rippling each day.

I had it all planned in my mind. The beautiful green bowl I would fill with water; the translucent oval stone I would drop into the water; the ripples I would watch emanating from the center and thus be reminded, and chastened, to watch what I said, to be aware of my actions. All in hopes of living my thanks for having been given another year. (See last week’s post.)

Reality always has another (and better) idea. The bowl was a perfect choice for this new ritual. The stone not so much. It sunk too quickly to do much on the water’s surface. I tried a smaller, lighter stone. No poetry, no ripples. I rummaged around in my little box of collectings and found a shell, perfectly formed, enhanced by a wonderful spiral pattern.

I filled the shell with water and let a drop of water fall from the heart of the shell into the bowl. Bingo. The drop of water set things in motion. But as I watched the ripples move across the surface of the water, something unexpected happened, something not envisioned for this post. The ripples didn’t keep moving outward as they do in a pond. Duh. This is a bowl. With sides limiting how far the ripples could ripple. And so they did the only thing they could do: when they hit the sides of the bowl they returned to the center. What went out came right back. Bowl, water, shell and the embodiment of karma.

See what I mean about reality having a better idea?

And here’s one more photo that Martin took. Doesn’t illustrate this post as well but I love how the bowl holds a reflection of fall as well.

bowlful of fall