Loved this article in last week’s NY TImes. Publishers Look beyond Bookstores . Now that Borders has declared bankruptcy and bookstores in general seem to be going the way of papyrus, publishers are ramping up their energies to place books where their readers are.

Enter designer Marc Jacobs’ Bleeker Street Bookmarc, books at Coldwater Creek, Michael’s craft stores. As it said in the article “anyone with a shelf” is now game to be approached by book reps, and approached aggressively. And guess what? Titles are moving, with some books being read as never before. Niche marketing wins again.

All of this got me thinking. If I hadn’t purchased the books on my shelves at brick and mortar shops or ordered them from Amazon, where might I have found them? Starbucks has sold CD’s for years. Maybe they should start stocking books on writing, given how many authors hunker down with a latte while writing their novels. Could moms get their sons reading more easily if books about their sports heroes were sold next to the Nikes? What about Memoirs of a Geisha? Might it find a new generation of readers if it were stocked an upscale sushi restaurant? Biographies and therapists waiting rooms? Couldn’t hurt to read how some of history’s greats handled (or mishandled) life’s challenges.

So play a game with your fellow readers and me. In this new world where books are for sale in locales that have no borders, where might you have found the books on your shelves?